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Welcome to ELANport

ELANport is a digital platform that includes short training videos with introductory information on how to use ELAN. Recent years have witnessed increasing momentum on sign language related studies, which has resulted in the accumulation of sign language data to be analysed. For the analysis of this type of data, researchers mainly use ELAN Multimedia Annotator tool. ELAN is an easy-to-learn and  easy-to-use tool, but still requires a certain amount of training. ELANport aims at providing basic training on ELAN in a web-based platform, which is accessible to sign language researchers from different parts of the world.

In these videos, the training is given in English (with English subtitles) by Beyza Sumer (University of Amsterdam) and in the Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) by Ellen Nauta (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). This project has been funded by a CLARIAH teaching fellowship (2021) and supported by University of Amsterdam. We hope to gain further funding to make these videos available in other signed and spoken languages in the future as well as providing more videos on the advanced uses of ELAN.